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robbertobos@gmail.com">Robberto Bos  Bos Chi Kung (Qigong) Training Amsterdam

Contact Information:

Name of Business or Organization:Bos Chi Kung (Qigong) Training Amsterdam
Address:Curacaostr. 51-D
City:Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS 
Postal (zip) Code:1058 BM 
Home Phone:  020-7701063   
Work Phone:020-7701063
Cell Phone:
E-Mail Address:robbertobos@gmail.com   
Web Address:www.chi-kung-training.com   

General Information:

Area of Experiences: Qigong (Chi Kung)
Tai Chi (Taijiquan)
Level of Experience: Advanced
Personal Practice
Professional Instructor
Engaged in Research Project's
I give lessons & courses in Bos Chi Kung (Qigong), based on classical Chinese energy and fitness training, taught in a modern, undogmatic way. Focus is especially on 'internal & soft' qigong: grounding, centering, cultivating energy, increasing circulation, becoming more aware.

The use of "i" or "yi" is very important in this style. We constantly apply intention, imagination, awareness and use a meditative approach.

Some important principles in this way of training: the student is more important than the teacher, learning is more important than teaching, the present is more important than the tradition.

Our course locations are Amsterdam-Jordaan, Amsterdam-Baarsjes, Amsterdam-Stadionbuurt (Oud Zuid).
I worked as a teacher of meditation for about 8 years. Took a Polarity Therapy Practioner training (with Polarity Yoga). Wrote several books on healthy living & alternative healing. Did Ki training (Japanese energy training, with Kenjiro Yoshigasaki).

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement made a great impression because of its innovative & open style of learning. Trager exercises offered a similar approach. I took some tai chi training with various teachers, plus several 'sensing hands' trainings.

I extensively studied chi kung (qigong). Especially Zhan Zhuang chi kung methods, as taught by Peter den Dekker of Neiguan Institute, Ole Eskildsen of the Ichuan Standing Meditation School, Lam Kam Chuen of the Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung school in Londen, Jan Voormeij of the Academy of Chinese Arts, and Sam Tam of the Internal Martial Arts Association for Health And Enlightenment.

I assisted with the Dutch translation of 2 chi kung books by Lam Kam Chuen. My chi kung teacher stimulated me to take the teacher training with Lam Kam Chuen in London, assist at lessons, and start teaching. During 2 years I was a member of a small group of teachers in this chi kung style. For personal reasons I left the group in 2006, and started working independently, freely and undogmatically.

I'm interested in teaching chi kung to older people & people with Parkinson's disease.


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